UK Visitor Visa

The UK offers various types of Visitor visa allowing a visitor to stay in the UK , the most popular visitor visa is the Standard visitor visa which enables the applicant to travel to the UK for leisure, meet friends and family or get medical treatment.

The standard visitor visa is also applicable for people who would like to visit on business purposes, Sports person, Entertainment industry person, prospective entrepreneur and also for someone who would like to do short term courses not exceeding to more than 30 days.

For an applicant to arrive in UK as visitor he/she needs to fulfil certain criteria requirements

Eligibility requirements

 Visitor applicant should clearly state his purpose of visit.
 Applicant should show sufficient financial funds to cover all the possible expenses.
 Travel insurance is must for each of the applicant.
 Accommodation details, means of transport, and clear itinerary should be provided.
 In case someone is invited then all the relevant documents of the host are must.
 In case minors are travelling they are required to be travelling along with legal guardians.
 Applicant is required to furnish all his personal and professional details.
 Meet health and character requirements.

What this visa lets you do

 Visa validity is linked to the purpose of the visit, while normal visitor visa is approved for a period of 6 months some special purpose visits would allow you to stay for longer duration i.e. around 12 months.
 Visitor cannot take up any employment or full time study during his stay as Visitor in UK.
 Visitors are allowed to take up recreational courses or short courses which do not extend a period of 30 days only.


Visa application would be processed in maximum 3 weeks.
Visa application documents would defer from case to case , we will review and suggest the best way for you to avail UK visitor visa.
Visa application fees, Notarisation , application submission fee , courier charges, health and character requirement fees and any other relevant. fees are to be paid by the applicant.

Travel World helps you

Stage 1: Our Processing team will get in touch with you and collect process related details which would help us to understand whether you would be eligible to apply for this visa or not.

Stage 2: Post understanding the complete details our team will clearly explain all the pros and cons which would help you make a sensible decision.

Stage 3: Post opting for our services relevant documents list will be shared, we will review all the relevant documentation to assess current and future impact during your Visa application processing

Stage 4: we will prepare the required application forms, affidavits or covering letters and any relevant declarations to support your Visitor application.

Stage 5: We will fix an appointment with UK Visa application center for physical submission of application and biometrics

Stage 6: In case an interview is required we provide mock session (visa briefing) to attend visa interview

Stage 7: Once visa is approved applicants are required to book tickets to UK

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