Both voluntary and involuntary conditions might lead you to move to another country. This act of locomotion might either be called replacement if well planned, else also be called displacement if unavoidable. The nature of immigration is totally dependent on the prevailing conditions. The act of moving from your home country to another country is called Immigration. A mere short-term visit to another country cannot be termed as immigration. A prospective immigrant has to spend a considerable amount of time to be called an immigrant. An immigrant might apply for a citizenship of a country if he wishes to permanently reside and become a citizen of the country. A citizenship can be attained by an individual only he is ready to give up on his original passport with the prior consent of the concerned governing body. Immigration has become an easy and convenient method for people to bridge the gap between them and their dreams.

The proximity of Canada with the United States has resulted in a large number of people immigrating to Canada. Canada is the second largest.

Popularly referred to as the land down under, Australia has emerged as the hub of immigrants from across the world.


7+ IELTS (GT) প্রিপারেশন কোর্স !!!
প্রফেশনাল বা ইমিগ্রেশন আবেদনকারীদের জন্য।

আপনি কি কানাডা, অস্ট্রেলিয়া, ইউ কে, বা নিউজিল্যান্ডে ইমিগ্রেশন বা প্রফেশনাল ভিসা আবেদনের জন্য IELTS (GT) পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতি নিয়ে ভাবছেন? কিন্তু অতি ব্যাস্ততার জন্য সঠিক প্রস্তুতি নিতে পারছেন না, তাহলে নির্দ্বিধায় ভর্তি হয়ে যান আমাদের এই কোর্সটতে। আরো জানতে…

New Zealand is situated, south of Australia. It is a league of islands popularly known as the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud.

It offers a straight 10 years residency VISA in Malaysia with renewals available for an indefinite period, as long as participants do not violate Malaysia’s laws.

With over 20 years of success, the Axiom Professional team can help you with an Immigration Visa or temporary entry to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Malaysia.

We work differently towards offering legal migration solutions to our clients that extend real answers and often clear migration vision to our clients at every level of the service procedure.


Axiom creates a multi-stage panel of assessment headed by experts, solicitors, attorneys, and Immigration Consultants who extend worldwide accreditation and differentiation to the organization altogether. Over the past fifteen years, Axiom has grown its service graph to a much higher level of success catering to the dreams of the clients worldwide.

The firm offers easy and quality-timely visa services with some add-on trusted migration services followed by expert advice at every step that is marking the great significance of the Immigration service across the globe.

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Once we have determined that you qualify for an Immigration Visa or temporary entry to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark or Malaysia and you have retained our Axiom to assist you in the application process, we will provide you with the following services.

➡️ Determine your immigration category

Some individuals are eligible for Canadian or Australian immigration under more than one category. If this applies to you, we will explain the professionals of each category under consideration and recommend the category best suited to your personal goals.

➡️ Prepare, perfect, and submit your application

A properly prepared application will always move through the process faster and more efficiently. Often this will result in the avoidance of a personal interview with an Immigration Visa Officer. We take pride in submitting complete and professional applications that include all of the information and documentation needed to satisfy the Immigration Visa Officer of your qualifications for the Immigration Visa you desire.

➡️ Communicate with your Immigration Visa Office

Our law office will serve as your mailing address for immigration purposes. We will let you know when any communication is received, and we will respond on your behalf to all requests and demands from immigration authorities.

➡️ Prepare you for your personal interview

In the event that you are required to attend a personal interview with an Immigration Visa Officer, we will obtain the Immigration Visa Office’s written notes concerning your application and will advise you about how to respond to the issues that will be raised during the interview.

➡️ Track your application through to Immigration Visa issuance

Immigration Visa Offices are required to meet service standards, which can vary during the course of your application process. Our proprietary “track-it” system alerts us if ever the Immigration Visa Office is not meeting its service standards with respect to the processing of your application. We will send an immediate notification so that your application is put back on track. This avoids unnecessary delays in the processing of your application.

নিচের এপয়েন্টমেন্ট সেকশন থেকে আপনার পছন্দমতো সময় নির্বাচন করুন।

    ইমিগ্রেশন এর জন্য আপনার সম্ভাবনাময় প্রোগ্রামটির মুল্যায়ন পেতে নিচের ফরমটি পূরুন করুন।