New Zealand Visitor Visa

A Person who is intending to come to New Zealand as a visitor would need to fulfill certain criteria to enable the immigration office to issue a New Zealand visitor visa.

Eligibility Requirements

 An Individual can visit New Zealand on a visitor visa either for tourism, visit friends & family and for adventure sports.
Visitor Visa is applicable for individuals who intend to take informal study training with a duration of fewer than 3 months.
Have a proper purpose of visit with relevant details to support the application.
Evidence of Financial means during the stay.
Meet health and character requirements.
Identity and other relevant documents are required to be provided.
In case of anyone sponsoring all the sponsor documents are required.

What this visa lets you do

Visitor visa is approved for a period up to 9 months depending on the reason of Visit.
An Extension of additional 3 months is possible subject to meeting all the requirements.
Visitor visa will let an individual live and travel in New Zealand.
A visitor visa does not allow an individual to have access to public funds or social benefits.
A visitor visa allows an applicant to bring his spouse and children.
The visitor visa holder is not allowed to take up any work or business-related activities.


Visitor visa will be approved in a maximum of 3 weeks.
Visa application fees, Notarization, application submission fees, courier charges, health, and character requirement fees, and any other relevant fees are to be paid by the applicant.

Travel World helps you

Stage 1: Our Processing team will get in touch with you and collect process related details which would help us to understand whether you would be eligible to apply for this visa or not.

Stage 2: Post understanding the complete details our team will clearly explain to you all the pros and cons which would help you make a sensible decision.

Stage 3: Post opting for our services relevant documents list will be shared, we will review all the relevant documentation to assess current and future impact during your Visa application processing

Stage 4: we will prepare the required application forms, affidavits or covering letters, and any relevant declarations to support your Visitor application.

Stage 5: We will submit your application to the New Zealand immigration office and we will also fix an appointment with the New Zealand application center in case of physical submission of application and biometrics.

Stage 6: In case an interview is required we provide mock session (visa briefing) to attend a visa interview

Stage 7: Once the visa is approved applicants are required to book tickets to New Zealand

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